wholesale Non-absorbable Suture

wholesale Non-absorbable Suture

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Nylon is a sterile non-absorbable, monofilament, synthetic suture composed of polyamide 6 and/or polyamide 6.6. Nylon sutures are dyed blue or black available from size USP12/0-USP4. Nylon meets all the requirements established by the United States Pharmacopeia for Non-absorbable surgical suture.
High tensile strength
Excellent and permanent tissue support
Smooth tissue passage
Easy and secure knotting
Nylon Sutures are indicated for use in general surgery. It is suitable for use in soft tissue and for ligation, including use in ophthalmic procedures, and neurological tissues (peripheral nerves) as well cardiovascular and plastic and reconstructive surgery. Nylon Sutures should not be used when extensive and permanent retention of tensile strengt is required, such as Cardiac surgery (e.g. artificial heart valves) neurosurgery (central neural system).
Sterilization: Ethylene Oxidewholesale Non-absorbable Suture
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